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    Shandong Chunhui Water-saving Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Fengcheng Industrial Park, Laicheng District, at the foot of Mount Taishan, beside Wenshui River and convenient transportation. It is a member unit of Shandong Province Water-saving Irrigation Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance. It is a collection of plastic pipes, fittings, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, micro-sprinkler, filter, outlet, shutoff valve body, inlet and outlet. Exhaust valves and other water-saving irrigation equipment development, development, production and operation, engineering design and installation of a comprehensive company. At present, all kinds of water-saving irrigation can provide corresponding supporting products.

    The company adheres to the development purpose of 'promoting enterprise development with quality', and continuously creates first-class products and values with percentage input. It has passed the certification of IS09001 and I...[鿴Ԕ]
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    Copyright: Shandong Chunhui Water-saving Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. Address: 009 Caiyun Street, Fengcheng Industrial Park, Laiwu District, Jinan City, Tel: 0531-78808526
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